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It was my curiosity of computer programming and markup languages paired with my social work background and drive to get resources and information to people in need that led me to web development. From my first line of code to my first constructed web page, I began to unearth a new mission: building web technology with the purpose of improving and enhancing people’s lives.

I have learned over the past two years that what I find most fulfilling about web development is building applications and websites that are useful, cleverly designed, and make life a little easier for users, all while learning and improving on new skills and technologies. I have also learned from other experienced developers to challenge myself to go beyond doing what is comfortable and trying out new technologies that I normally would not otherwise consider using. Lastly, I have learned of the importance of collaborating with developers, designers, and users to ensure projects are technically solid and designed with the user’s experience always in mind.

I have been working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more recently, React, GraphQL, Material UI, and Tailwind CSS to create websites with clean code and clean UX. As I have been working on various personal projects (and more recently, a collaborative React/TypeScript application project), I have grown in confidence as a developer, and more eager to work on more collaborative projects that will positively impact humanity in the greatest of ways. You can see my latest work with these technologies here: Lansing Help Guide.

I'm currently looking to contribute my skills to a team where I can prove my skills while growing in my capabilities. If you are looking for a highly-motivated, teachable, and socially-conscious developer, let's chat.

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